Repair your hay fever NATURALLY

Try probiotics

A United States research study discovered that probiotics– the friendly germs discovered in live yoghurt– might alleviate the signs of hay fever by affecting the activity of the body’s leukocyte associated with the body immune system.

Or attempt …

Research has actually demonstrated how Lactobacillus probiotics, such as Bio-Kult (₤ 9.50 from drug stores and grocery stores) can assist to lower nasal blockage and assistance ideal immune function.

Grate some ginger

Consider including the plant into stir-fries and other meals for remedy for hay fever signs. It’s a natural antihistamine, so can assist to alleviate blockage.

Find the offender

Symptoms vary depending upon the time of year and the pollens you’re allergic to. The hay fever season usually starts with the release of pollen by trees as early as February, and continues to late May. Lawn pollens, which impact an approximated 90% of victims, peak in June and July. And levels of weed pollen and fungal spores increase from summer season into fall. Pinpoint the pollens impacting you and attempt to prevent them.


They’re high in immune-busting vitamin C, a natural antihistamine, and quercetin, a yellow pigment discovered in plants. ‘Quercetin hinders the release of histamine, making it nature’s antihistamine,’ describes nutritional expert Dr Sam Christie. ‘It’s a member of the flavonoid household of plant pigments and is discovered in foods such as onions, apples and black tea.’


A research study in the journal Clinical & Experimental Allergy revealed that females who consumed 2 or more glasses of red wine a day were at double the threat of having hay-fever signs.


‘ It influences on your adrenal glands, increasing the quantity of histamine you produce,’ states Alison Cullen.

Close your windows

Something as basic as not leaving windows open can stop pollen from entering, especially mid-morning and early night, when levels peak. Do not forget cars and truck windows if going to the stores– utilize air con rather.

Learn to count

‘ Watch the pollen depend on the weather report and, if high, prevent going outside at all on those days,’ states

Woman’s Weekly GP Dr Gill Jenkins. ‘Avoid drying cleaning outside too.’

Build a barrier

Prevent pollen from entering your body by utilizing a nasal balm. Apply to the edge of each nostril to trap pollen.

TRY HayMax (₤ 7.49 for 5ml, from grocery stores and drug stores), made from beeswax and veggie oils.

Ban salad in bags

‘ The preservatives typically contributed to bagged delegates stop them from going off can set off a release of histamine when you consume them,’ states dietary therapist Alison Cullen. Beware of including vinegar to your salad dressing, as that can consist of histamine and aggravate your signs.


The omega-3 fats discovered in fish function as an anti-inflammatory. Attempt salmon, trout, sardines, fresh tuna, herring and mackerel.

Tried acupuncture?

It motivates a natural recovery reaction, states Di Shimell, a member of the British Acupuncture Council. ‘Traditional acupuncture is extremely helpful for handling hay fever, assisting to deal with basic signs such as headaches, obstructed sinuses, runny, scratchy eyes, runny nose and basic pain, with very little negative effects.’ Contact the British Acupuncture council at uk.

Wear sunglasses

Putting a set of wraparound tones on while out in the garden is the most efficient method to secure your eyes from pollen.

Use a nasal spray

Prevalin Allergy Plus (₤1250, from drug stores) is drug- and steroid-free, and includes a healing oil that functions as a mast cell stabiliser and obstructs the release of histamine, minimizing level of sensitivity to irritants with time.

Remove your clothing!

Take them off as quickly as you go into your home if you’ve remained in the garden on high pollen-count days. Shower and clean your hair, as pollen is sticky, so it can hold on to your hair and clothing, moving to your bed linen.

Get home proud

Vacuuming and cleaning with a wet fabric can help in reducing hay-fever triggers in your house.

Soothe inflamed eyes

Cold camomile teabags or pieces of cooled cucumber on the eyes can ease puffiness. ■


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