Handling … SCARS

Scars are a natural part of the body’s repair work and recovery. They typically fade and end up being paler however never ever totally vanish. After cuts or surgical treatment, you might have a straight line, however abrasions can trigger larger, irregular scars and might be more apparent on tanned skin, as scars do not pigment. On darker skin types, scars might fade to leave a brown or white mark. We see scars on skin however they happen internally too.

Most scars do not trigger issues besides cosmetically. In some cases scar tissue, particularly after a burn or throughout a joint, solidifies or restricts, triggering contractures and restricting motion. Some scars brought on by skin illness– such as acne and chickenpox, or those where injury had actually triggered a loss of underlying fat– can have a sunken or pitted look. Little scars, such as from acne, ultimately renovate without treatment to end up being far less noticeable.

Hypertrophic scars are brought on by excess collagen being produced however do not extend beyond the injury, although they might thicken for numerous months. Another severe kind of scar, called keloid, is triggered by an overgrowth of collagen at the injury website and spreads around it. Keloids might grow even after the injury has actually recovered. Keloid scars are raised, redder or purple, and can be agonizing or scratchy.

Surgery might be required however this can likewise make keloids grow even thicker, so other readily available treatments are frequently more effective.

The mental result can be extensive. Stress and anxiety, social fear and anxiety prevail– psychiatric therapy or comparable assistance is crucial.

The treatment

Treatment depends upon area, size and kind of scar. In time, a lot of little scars will fade without treatment, so for numerous, peace of mind suffices. For bigger scars, treatment begins with pressure dressings. Steroids can enhance the look of scars, while steroid-impregnated tape used on keloid scars can flatten them.

Laser treatment, cryotherapy, dermal fillers and skin needling might be utilized. Surgical treatment might assist make a scar more natural in look, less visible or enhance motion.

If surgical treatment is utilized on a keloid scar, other treatments such as steroid injections or radiotherapy might be required to stop it from growing back thicker.


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